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Cast iron tubes

DEKA airpreheaters operate with all types of flue gases ranging from the combustion of “clean” gas to high sulfur coals, gases and oil. The rugged construction is suitable for outdoor installation in all climates, from tropical to arctic.

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The cast iron tubes are produced in the By-Cast foundry under strict quality control. Tubes are cast in a range of standard lengths from 894mm to 3288mm. standard wall thickness is 5mm but may be increased for special applications. Material of construction is grey unalloyed cast iron but for high flue gas temperatures and wall temperatures, chromium alloyed cast iron is used. The seal between adjacent tubes is formed by a continuous fiber rope retained in a groove around the edges of the rectangular end flanges. This rope absorbs any small differential expansion between successive tube rows and maintains a completely gas-tight seal between the flue gas and air circuits. Thanks to our specially designed sealing system, By-Cast guarantees that the leakage from air to flue gas side is less than 0,4% of air flow.


  • HT  tube finned outside and inside – maximum heat transfer surface.
  • LT tube finned outside and ribbed inside to increase the resulting metal temperature.
  • LLT tube finned outside and flat inside to give higher metal temperature when approaching dew point.

These types of tubes are available in first, second and third generation of design.