By-Cast QSHE


Maintaining our standing in the world market means continuously innovating:

  • To improve our products
  • To improve our quality
  • To improve our productivity
  • To improve on environmental, safety and health protection.


Since 1994, By-Cast is ISO9001 certified for the design and manufacturing of heat exchangers.

Download our ISO 9001 certificate here (pdf)

Safety & health

All By-Cast’s activities are in respect with West-European/Belgian (Flanders) regulations in view of health and safety for our people.


By-Cast’s foundry is adapted to the latest Western requirements in view of fluegas cleaning and environmental care. By-Cast’s foundry is the “example” case in Flanders and uses the 'best available techniques'.

By-Cast and Kyoto CO2 targets

  • By-Cast manufactures fuel-saving equipment for bulk consumers of fossil fuels.
  • A DEKA airpreheater typically reduces fuel consumption in boilers and fired heaters from 10 to 25% by recovering and recycling heat from the exhaust gas.  The airpreheater can be used with all types of fuel including coal, gas, wood and oil.  Major oil refineries and chemical plants around the world use the unique By-Cast equipment.
  • By-Cast’s average annual production of airpreheaters results in a worldwide saving equivalent to some 247.000 tons of fuel oil.  This corresponds to an important reduction in emission of CO2 to the atmosphere.


The industrially accepted average lifetime for a heater complex is 10 to 15 years. A By-Cast airpreheater can operate troublefree from 15 years up to 25 years and more. This means that the cumulative saving worldwide, over 15 years, amounts to 3.7 million tons of fuel oil equivalent, sufficient to provide heating for 1.6 million families in Western Europe.

This cumulative saving in fuel consumption also corresponds to a significant reduction in CO2 emission.

We are proud to be making this contribution to the preservation of the global environment.