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By-Cast is widely recognized as the global leader in the design and production of highest-quality cast-iron and glass air preheaters. Customers from all continents reach out to us for the design, construction, and maintenance of air preheaters for numerous applications. Our customer base enjoys an optimal level of heat recovery with the unparalleled life span of a DEKA air preheater

Cast-iron (DEKA) and glass air preheaters: Design and production

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Air preheaters transfer heat from the flue gases of combustion processes to the air required for the combustion reaction. In doing so, they reduce the quantity of fuel required and thus increase the efficiency of the installation. The result is an optimal utilization of the waste heat. Depending on the desired inlet/outlet temperatures of the flue gases and their composition, a By-Cast air preheater will consist of cast-iron tubes only, glass tubes only, or a hybrid combination


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Combustion process more efficiently?

Have you identified waste heat in your process? Do you wish to run your combustion process more efficiently, thereby lowering your impact on the environment and reducing your costs? All of this is possible with the high-quality DEKA air preheaters from By-Cast.

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Expected life span

Our DEKA air preheaters are specifically designed to operate in the most demanding conditions (high concentration of particles and/or dust, acid flue gases, etc.). Our R&D department constantly strives to improve By-Cast products to more efficiently meet these challenging requirements. Our long experience in the field, in house testing department, and dedicated high-performing proprietary software are great assets for our engineering. When used under design conditions and/or monitored for deviations from design, our equipment has an expected operational life of well over 20 to 30 years.