DEKA air preheaters: your guarantee of savings

From heat loss to energy savings

Heat recovery proves its worth in the most diverse industries. Heat that would otherwise be lost is collected and transferred to another process. A By-Cast air preheater can be used to save energy in an effective, economic, and environmentally friendly manner.

By-Cast installs air preheaters in both new projects and for revamping when installations switch from oil to natural gas.

Petrochemical and Refining

The petrochemical and refining industries are two sectors with high-quality demands and strict technical requirements. A large amount of energy can be saved using preheated air, and cast iron is the ultimate material for this market. It can withstand the most demanding conditions, such as flue gases with high dust content and corrosive gases.

Power stations

The heat from the flue gas is used to pre-heat the combustion air to the burners. An air preheater will allow the power station to save energy, improve performance, and reduce CO2 emission. An air preheater is a highly profitable investment for power stations, as it will provide significant savings over a long operational life.

Waste treatment

The main aim of waste treatment is to ensure that waste materials from production processes have the lowest possible environmental impact. This is therefore a market in which the unrivalled DEKA method has a great deal to offer. The air preheater enables heat to be drawn from the corrosive and/or polluting flue gases. This applies to a wide range of combustion technologies: from coal to oil and gas to municipal waste.

Food and beverage

An air preheater can be used for many applications within the food and beverage industry: for distillation, sterilization, drying, or any other process in which one can recover waste heat. A DEKA air preheater can, for example, be used to heat up clean air using the hot flue gases in a drying process. By-Cast offers both glass and cast-iron solutions for integration in the process.

Metal industry

Many industrial metal applications make use of air preheaters to increase efficiency and cut fuel consumption. The solutions from By-Cast achieve excellent results here thanks to the equipment’s long life, the unique DEKA method, and our high-quality design.

General industry

The paper, glass, cement, paint, and car industries, etc. all use processes that can greatly benefit from the installation of an air preheater. By-Cast has the in-house expertise to design new installations, retrofits, and upgrades of existing equipment. We produce air preheaters tailor-designed to satisfy your specific requirements.

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