Lower your environmental impact
with air preheaters from By-Cast

Our contribution to a better living environment

By-Cast develops fuel-saving products for large consumers of fossil fuels; this is the ideal solution for a smaller ecological footprint. A DEKA air preheater reduces fuel consumption in an industrial boiler by 10 to 25 percent. How is this done? By recovering and recycling heat from emission gases. Our annual production of air preheaters represents savings worldwide of 247,000 tons of fuel a year! These are figures we are extremely proud of.

After the installation of an air preheater companies, also emit significantly less CO2. Each year this represents an average of 30 million tons of CO2. Within our own operations and manufacturing, we also strive to have as little negative environmental impact as possible, as reflected in our ISO14001 certification.

By-Cast is your ultimate partner for achieving targets for lower emissions and energy savings. Moreover, a DEKA air preheater can cool to lower temperatures than other solutions. Hence our slogan: Efficiency makes your difference!


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