Research & Development

By-Cast teams up with its customers in search of the solution most suitable for them. With the support of Sirris & Vito, our research partners at the University of Leuven, we are constantly working on improving the efficiency of our products. We always use our own high-performance software, and have a testing department for experimental research.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

By-Cast uses CFD to study the flow in and around its units. This allows us to continually make improvements to our products. CFD is also used to seek solutions for customer-specific problems.

The air ducts’ geometry and resulting air distribution at the inlet are of crucial importance for the proper operation of our heat exchangers. If the air distribution is not adequate, insulation zones can form. The pressure drops will increase, the desired temperatures will not be reached, and as a result the minimum metal temperature may not even be reached. We use numeric simulations to offer recommendations or provide solutions on request by the customer.

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