You can count on our years of experience and expertise. We attach the greatest importance to quality, so we can guarantee the best service for the design, construction, and maintenance of your air preheater.

The engineers at our aftersales department guarantee fast follow-up with a direct contact person for any questions. We have spare parts for all models in stock, even for installations over thirty years old. We can also send an engineer on site when requested.


Air preheaters that have been in service for more than 10 years are usually operating under conditions different from what they were originally designed for. This is largely because of the change in the fuel used in the process. In other words, the heat exchanger currently in use may not be the optimal solution for the current circumstances. In such cases, By-Cast will carry out a performance study free of charge or obligation. An assessment of the condition of the heat exchanger will be made by comparing the calculated performance under current conditions to the actual measurements on site.

There are four options for revamping, depending on the result of the study:

  1. No modifications required: the current heat exchanger is working as it should.
  2. The current heat exchanger is restored using original tubes.
    • Options:
      • Original tubes replaced by the same type of tubes
      • Modules replaced with a replacement in kind
      • Complete air preheater replacement in kind
    • Advantages:
      • Return to original efficiency
      • No changes to the existing tubes, flanges, etc. needed
      • Can be easily done during normal turnaround times
  3. The heat exchanger is improved within the current dimensions.
    • Options:
      • Replacing original tubes with tubes with higher efficiency within the existing structure
      • Design of a new air preheater within the dimensions of the current air preheater
    • Advantages:
      • Higher efficiency than before
      • No extra space required
  4. Efficiency is maximized within the physical restrictions.
    • Options:
      • The most efficient air preheater is designed within all restrictions on site (dimensions, fan capacity, foundations, etc.).
    • Advantages:
      • Maximum possible efficiency for the whole heating system


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